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NATIONLINK: Bringing modern banking services to the countryside

Pursuing their vision for rural folks

Using ATMs and POS machines, Nationlink connects small rural cooperatives, micro-finance institutions, and rural and thrift banks to the rest of the country. According to the company, it provides “a complete and affordable solution” to these groups and institutions. Connectivity with the ATM network helps boost their image and reputation, serves as a competitive tool in marketing their products and allows them to enjoy the benefits of technology.

Nationlink is the fulfillment of a vision conceived more than a decade ago. They want to establish the “last mile” of financial services delivery by setting up an ATM/POS network for rural banks, cooperatives and thrift banks across the country, says Dela Cruz.

The 1997 Asian financial crisis dampened enthusiasm for the project. But the expected increase of OFW remittances and microfinance coverage in the last few years propelled Infoserve and its partners to pursue the vision. The use of Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) in developed countries also encouraged the company. Money remittances via EFT needed a modern delivery channel to the country, which Nationlink’s ATM/POS network and its International Electronic Fund Transfer Gateway facilities can service.

Remittance companies and microfinance NGOs servicing the provinces can also become part of the network to bring ATM or POS machines to their areas of operation. Nationlink also offers opportunities to local government units, especially in the area of real estate tax collection. For example, a person from Manila who owns land in Tarlac can conveniently pay taxes through an ATM networked to Nationlink instead of traveling to the province to make the payment. In addition, Nationlink is capable to providing a national bills payment and reload network, allowing consumers to pay bills and reload debit or stored-value cards.

As the official industry network for rural banks, credit and savings cooperatives and micro-finance institutions, Nationlink, an affiliate network of BancNet, is set to become the biggest ATM network in the Philippines in terms of subscribers and members.

By providing the marginalized and those in the countryside with modern banking services, Nationlink comes as the long-awaited answer to their banking needs. Previously, the major networks have focused on urban areas.

Just launched in June 2006, Nationlink has already installed around 20 automated teller machines (ATM) across the country. On order are more than 150 more. The network is presently improving its installation and implementation processes to cope up with the overwhelming demand for its services.

At the same time, since Nationlink services people and institutions in rural areas, it complements existing ATM networks (BancNet, Megalink and Expressnet) which are mostly concentrated in cities and urbanized towns.

Interconnection between Nationlink and BancNet

Nationlink Network operated by the leading banking and software technology service provider Infoserve, Inc. has just signed a memorandum of agreement with BancNet last June 2007. The interconnection went “Live” in time for Bancnet’s 17th year anniversary last July 17, 2007.

Zoilo Jesus de la Cruz, III, founder of Nationlink says “Our heartfelt gratitude to Bancnet. This interconnection is both historic and meaningful. This will spur tremendous economic development in the countryside- benefiting our farmers, fishermen, market vendors, micro entrepreneurs, OFW beneficiaries, and even the poor and the marginalized. The transforming effect of this interconnection is tremendous. This will change people’s lives!”

Aside from Bancnet, Megalink and Expressnet are pose to benefit from this interconnection as well.

Indeed this Nationlink-Bancnet interconnection makes Nationlink’s theme “Linking the Nation, Transforming Lives” a reality.

Solid partnerships

Nationlink reaches consumers directly, using the best that technology, telecommunications and banking have to offer.

Led by Infoserve, its partners include Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co (PLDT), which provides the wired and wireless connection. Other major and very supportive partners include Microsoft, which supplies the technology platform; Intel, which provides the processors of the computers used in the network, Diebold, the supplier of the ATMs, and Bancnet, which provides the strategic link to the major networks. Globe Telecoms provides the required back-up connections. Recently, both HP and IBM have joined the movement.

Urbanization may have pushed many rural communities and provinces behind. But Nationlink is committed to bridge the gap by providing them access to a financial network long enjoyed by their urban counterparts.